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Packaging requirements for super large pieces

At present, the export volume of bulk commodities such as household appliances, furniture, fitness equipment, decorative materials, machinery and equipment, and automobiles is increasing. However, due to the particularity of the volume and weight of goods, the export transportation of super large pieces is quite different from small and medium-sized express delivery. The long service chain, high professional requirements, and complex warehouse management have improved the access threshold of large piece logistics to a certain extent.


The market's demand for distribution of these large commodities is becoming stronger and stronger, and the problem that super large commodities cannot be transported internationally often occurs.

The way to transport super large pieces is through such channels as sea and rail transport. If the package size requires that the weight of a single piece is more than 50KG, it needs to be underlaid with a height of more than 10cm, so that after the goods arrive at the destination, the truck company can easily transport the goods by trailer for loading and shipping (if the customer does not punch in in advance, the company will ask special support personnel to underlay the goods after they arrive at the warehouse, and the expenses will be reimbursed). The unilateral length of the goods after being sealed shall be within 2m. If it exceeds the standard, additional charges will be charged. However, the length shall not exceed 5m, the width shall be controlled within 2.3m, and the height shall be limited to 2.5m. Otherwise, the goods cannot be packed. Packaging instructions The outer box shall be solid and the box label shall be clear  enough to ensure cleanness.



If we receive super large pieces with private address, each carton must be labeled with more than two labels. For export transportation of super large pieces, a separate declaration form is acceptable. If there are charged products, they shall be described in advance and labeled "harmless". Solid wood or logs cannot be used for packaging. If there are logs, they should be explained in practice, and fumigation and commodity inspection should be carried out in advance (professional fumigation departments should be designated in advance for fumigation, and they will issue fumigation inspection certificates); Woven bags cannot be used as outer packaging, but can be wrapped with synthetic wood, film and iron frame.

If there is any packaging problem that needs our assistance, we will ask the warehouse to help us deal with it. Please trust our service. If you have any questions, please contact us!