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How to Choose Logistics for Electronic Cigarette Enterprises

Shenzhen is the "fog valley" of global electronic cigarettes. After more than 20 years of development and precipitation, the electronic cigarette industry has grown from barbaric to orderly and compliant. With the active supervision of the National Tobacco Administration, electronic cigarettes have been given the "legal" status. In the future, it will speed up its pace to fly abroad and become popular all over the world.

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However, due to the particularity of electronic cigarette products, the export transportation needs strong inspection. The electronic cigarette itself contains oil and electricity, and its magnetic components hide certain transportation risks, which makes the electronic cigarette a more sensitive class of goods in international transportation.

This transport sensitivity of e-cigarettes unavoidably worries many e-cigarette manufacturers. It is a time of cross-border peak season! What kind of logistics should be selected to ensure the smooth sailing of e-cigarettes?

If the customer has the ability to clear customs, it is recommended to use the double tax payment channel, which can save the recipient a lot of trouble and avoid the goods being detained by the customs due to the failure to clear customs. Our tax payment channels are all direct to the door, which is very convenient。


For example, the special line for air dispatch EK/SQ/AC/OZ/AY/QR/CV/LO/TK/ET/PR/EY/JL, has chartered airplane boards all the year round, fixed board space, sufficient space, and
guaranteed timeliness. It has strong overseas customs clearance strength, rich and stable customs clearance experience for many years, and efficient and fast overseas distribution.

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The international express UPS/FEDEX/DHL long-term strategic cooperation is the first level agent, which can quickly deliver to the global market at any time. We will make every effort to help the brands of electronic cigarette enterprises go to sea quickly and seize more international markets. The combination of high-end, safe, stable and diversified transportation product lines can meet customers' business needs in an all-round and personalized way.

Find the right logistics, there will be good harvest, and create a win-win situation together.